what people say

“Of Michael’s many qualities, two have impressed me the most:
The first is his curiosity. Michael is passionate about new technologies, from additive manufacturing to robotics to artificial intelligence… An inquisitive mind, Michael always likes to dig deep into the issues. 
The second is his contrarian spirit. I mean this in a very good way: Michael’s instinct is to question the received wisdom and to challenge the consensus—whether it is the view on a specific market, or the established way to build and deliver solutions for customers. Having someone who can intelligently and constructively challenge the existing way of thinking and of doing business is an invaluable asset.” -Marco Annunziata, co-founder, Annunziata and Desai Advisors

“Michael possess a unique blend of tremendous quantitative/ analytical skills and the ability to link those skills to strategic visions and planning. He has tremendous depth across a broad range of energy and policy areas… In team settings, he brings a level of energy and passion that elevates the team.” -Joe Ogrinc, Marketing Operations Executive at GE Power

“Michael is a committed leader and business partner with exceptional executive communication skills. Michael manages complex problems with relative ease and effectively leads global teams to successful solutions with significant impact.” -Cynthia Kantor, Senior GM for Accelerated Development, GE Power

“Michael is a forward-thinking and highly analytical individual with excellent interpersonal, communication, and management skills. His leadership, technical expertise, and ability to quickly grasp complex issues drove the development team to excellence.” – Cory Welch, President of Lumidyne Consulting