what we do

Strategic Planning. We help you ask yourself the hard questions about your goals and objectives as an organization; how much you know and how much you don’t; which actions you need to take and which you can avoid; how best to utilize your resources; who your partners are and who are your competitors; and how you get consensus and buy in from your key stakeholders

Scenario Building, Uncertainty Analysis and Futures Thinking. We all know that “the best laid plans of mice and men” often go awry, so why do we so often only have one plan? Our simple rules for scenario construction will help you stretch your organization’s thinking far from the base case, and help ensure you integrate the scenarios into your planning. Depending on the question and your data, a more formal uncertainty analysis may be in order, either to complement the scenario or as a stand-alone product. In instances when standard scenarios and uncertainty won’t do the trick, futures thinking, which can help prepare for “black swans” can supplement your organization’s planning toolkit

Tech Trends Analysis and Future of Work Impacts.  Will robots solve my organization’s problems? What exactly is blockchain and will it help me or my customers? How will additive manufacturing change my supply chain? Will distributed generation affect electricity reliability?  We can help you separate the signal from the noise, anticipate how technologies may affect your organization, and map out a strategy for addressing the effects – positive and negative – from the new technology

Economics and Policy Analysis. With deep expertise in environment and energy, we can help you assess the upside and downside of proposed policies and programs, their economic impacts, and their effectiveness. We can help you respond to proposals or help you craft your own

Model Building.  Our first step is to help you think critically about why you want a model and what you want it to do- no more leaping before you look! Next, we’ll use an approach honed over many years of model development to help you map your market or problem to the model, focusing on critical elements and data needs. Depending on complexity, we will either build the model in-house,  or work with one of our close and expert partners

Model Interpretation.  Is your model spitting out answers you don’t quite understand? Need a critical analysis of someone else’s modeling results? Just need to figure out what a model’s results are telling you and what they imply? Decades of using, building and interpreting models have made us expert at reading their “tea leaves”

Market Analysis. We help you understand the ins and outs, focusing on fundamental drivers, key players, emerging trends, and overall system dynamics. Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative analysis, we’ll help you understand the most common question asked: “what’s going on?”

Report Writing.  Whether it’s a one-page memo, a 10-page policy brief or a 100-page analytical report, Tenley Consulting’s superior editing and clear writing will get your message across, make your analysis more cogent and make your audience understand your point