3 Million

According to Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator, over 3 million households, roughly 1/5 of all households, now have some form of small scale renewable energy systems, and of those roughly 2/3 are solar.

44 Million

RethinkX believes that by 2030, there will only be 44 Million passenger cars on the road in the US, down from around 247 Million in 2020.  They attribute the 80% decline to sharp increase in Transportation as a Service / Mobility as a Service (TaaS and MaaS).


There are over fifty companies registered and approved to test autonomous vehicles in California. These include major car manufacturers like VW, Toyota, and Ford; tech firms like Google/Waymo,  Apple, Nvidia, Baidu; TNCs like Lyft and Uber; AI/ AV startups like TuSimple and Apex.AI and many others in each category.