1st client! UniGen Reources is a startup in California, developingĀ  software to facilitate integration of renewable power. I am helping UniGen with commercialization strategies.



I am involved in three separate World Bank projects, all around disruptive technology and infrastructure. For the Chief Economist for Sustainable Development I crafted scenarios, led a workshop and authored a paper on incorporating disruptive technologies (AI, 3D Printing, MaaS, distributed gen, etc.) into infrastructure planning. For the Energy and Extractives Global Practice, I am helping them understand a suite of disruptive technologies as they evaluate how to adjust their own programs. And I am helping a cross-Bank group create educational pieces on the use of disruptive techs for sustainable development.


For the Aspen Institute’sĀ  Energy & Environment Program, I wrote a paper simplifying some of the most complex and important transformations happening in the US power sector. Those include the “3 Ds:” decentralization, digitization, de-carboninzation, as well as capital turnover of infrastructure, the changing fuel mix, and regulatory reform. The key to this work was untangling the interwoven threads connecting all of these trends. Aspen will be releasing the paper as a series of blogs on their new newsletter.